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Our premium powder - the ground vanilla bean powder is made from 100 percent bourbon vanilla beans that we have dried, mashed and ground into an easy-to-use unsweetened vanilla bean powder.


This powder is a really great alternative to the whole vanilla beans, vanilla extract or even vanilla paste.


Made from 100% Pure Madagascan or Uganda Vanilla Beans. This premium vanilla powder can be used to prepare ice cream, baked goods or custards flavour and very often more intensive visual appeal. The dried vanilla pods are special "extra-dried" to reach an average moisture content of 4 - 6 percent, whereafter it can be crushed and pulverised in its final powder form.

Very important, there are no additives or other ingredients and last but not least no sweeteners.


We think that vanilla powder works exceptionally well in in recipes that use vanilla extract or vanilla paste, but without the added sugar or alcohol component like cookies, scones or other baked good recipes. 



  • Extra fine vanilla pods grained in to 300 microns

  • No added sugar or preservatives

  • Vanilla pods from whole soil

  • Suitable for applications that require vanilla extract, but with the additional effect of vanilla stains

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