Bourbon Vanilla - Madagascar



  • Nedvesség tartalom: 30% - 35%
  • Vanillin tartalom: 2,1% (nedves bázison mérve)
  • 14cm - 20+cm
  • 2,5g-9g / szál

1000g - Bourbon Vanilla Gourmet

  • These vanilla seeds are always a great ingredient to preapre an esthetic delight to any kind of applications: from cold and frozen desserts to the different cooking and baking specialities.


    This delicious Vanilla was cultivated and processed on the Bourbon Island of Madagascar: every piece of this vanilla bean is hand-selected for its fresh & rich fragrance. It has one of the sweetest and most creamy smell. Its full and matured flavor with smooth after-tones can be found in the beans and the seeds as well.