Pure Madagascan Vanilla Extract

Pure Madagascan Vanilla Extract

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Food condiment of superior quality, 100% natural, used to flavor drinks, cakes and desserts. The extract is obtained through a process of slow cold extraction of more than 300 aromatic components contained in the vanilla beans. The extract’s flavour is delicate, sweet and unmistakable. The bottle may present seeds or fine sediment that comes from vanilla beans.

Ingredients: extract of vanilla beans* (Vanilla planifolia) (min. 3%), alcohol (min. 35%), unrefined brown sugar (max. 4%)..

Available quantities: 50 ml.. 1.000 ml.

Usage: You can add it to ice creams, cakes, drinks, cocktails or any recipes where you wish to get that amazing real flavor of vanilla. Our recommendation of usage is 1 tablespoon of extract for 500g of ingredients, but it is safe to use more extract if a stronger flavor is required.

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