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Vanilla Impex Kft. (Ltd.)
Vanilla Impex limited liability company

  • Company registration number: 13-09-203430

  • VAT number: HU24243856 (24243856-2-13)

  • Headquarters: 2011 Budakalász, Csapás utca 7.

  • Chief executive officer (s) authorized to represent:

    • Karsai Barbora 

    • 2011 Budakalász, Csapás utca 7.

  • Company payment indicator:

    • 10918001-00000110-34320004
      Account opening date: 2020/01/28.
      The payment indicator is provided by UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. SZABADSÁG TÉRI FIÓK 

           (1054 BUDAPEST, SZABADSÁG tér 5-6.) kezeli.


Recording of the relevant data:  2020.04.01.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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